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Bigfoot H Frame

Big Foot Systems are designed to support everything that is installed on a flat roof. This creates a safe and secure support for all air conditioning and refrigeration roof plant and associated services. The growth in single ply roofing membranes has driven the need for free standing roofing support systems. Big Foot Systems have continued to improve the product range and technical support to meet the challenges of modern Construction techniques. View our range of Bigfoot supports.The H Frame Set is a quick, versatile and economical solution for supporting pipework, ductwork, cable trays or any combination of these. We can also provide you with the strut and brackets, keeping the duct and pipe installations low cost and totally flexible by allowing fabrication of the frameworks on-site. Or take advantage of our cutting and/or assembly service.

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Lindapter Fixings

Lindapter is one of our longest standing suppliers and is one of the world’s innovators of steelwork clamping systems, eliminating the need to drill or weld steel, their solutions allow rapid installation with significantly reduced costs whilst preserving the integrity of the steelwork. We stock an extensive range of Lindapter products some of which are described below.View our complete range of Lindapters.

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Walraven manufactures a wide range of installation materials, with the focus on fixing systems, fire protection systems RapidRail Fixing Railand other products associated with the Building Services industry. Since its foundation the family owned company has expanded into an international business, with its own sales and production companies. Their products and know-how have been renowned for top quality. As stockists of Walraven for over 15 years, our staff have an excellent knowledge of the products that Walraven offer. Download our JPL / Walraven flyer for information on some of the products we can offer.

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Barton Engineering Conduit and Fittings

The Barton Engineering range of Steel Conduit enables us to offer one of the few brands of Steel Conduit tube still manufactured in the UK. Located in Oldbury at the very heart of the industrial West Midlands and part of Caparo Precision Tubes, Barton Engineering’s products are renowned for quality and competitive pricing and have been exported worldwide for many years.

To complement Barton's conduit tube, we also stock their range of circular conduit box and fittings in both Hot Dip Galvanised and Black Enamel with sizes ranging from M20 to M32. Jack Pennington Ltd can offer our customers a complete Steel Conduit system solution for most applications from a high quality source. View our range of Conduit, Boxes and Fittings.

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Starrett Holesaws and Cutting Tools

The L.S. Starrett Company Ltd is a global business, founded in 1880 with its headquarters in Athol, Massachusetts, and manufacturing facilities in North and South America, the UK and China. The UK facility based in Jedburgh, Scotland has been manufacturing hole saws and blades since 1958. Starrett have been a major supplier to Jack Pennington Ltd for many years, traditionally supplying the Bi Metal Holesaws, recently a number of new products have been added to the range offering customers more specific blades for an application:

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Erico Caddy Clips & Fixings

With its extensive range of existing products and a commitment to continued product development and innovation Erico offers the end user a fixing/hanging/suspension solution for most applications.

Caddy Clips

This comprehensive range includes the traditional range of spring steel fixings for purlins, tee bars, decking’s and girders. Ideally suited to Electrical/Mechanical contractors they allow for quick and efficient fixing/suspension of cables, conduits, lighting and threaded rod amongst others. Being easy to install often requiring nothing more than a hammer to fix, they provide considerable savings over traditional fixing methods. View our comprehensive range of Erico Caddy Clips.

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Pulsa Cordless 800E Gas Nailing System

The NEW Pulsa 800E for Mechanical and Electrical contractors and the Pulsa 800P for Drywall and General Contractors, fasten cable management, wiring accessories and drywall track up to 6 times faster than conventional methods. The system includes a choice of Nails (Pins) for fixing into standard or hard concrete and steel substrates; each box of pins comes with a fuel cell. View our extensive range of Pulsa 800E accessories designed for use with the cordless gas nailer that offer many fixings solutions.

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Cablofil Wire Basket Tray

Having Cablofil basket tray in our product range enables us to offer our customers one of the worlds leading brands of wire cable tray, available in over 50 countries and with nearly 40 years of industry experience. Jack Pennington Ltd stocks the wire basket tray in 30mm and 54mm deep profiles in all the widths up to 600mm, along with with a comprehensive range of couplers, fixings and accessories enabling quicker installation of the Cablofil basket tray system. View our Cablofil range. Using a set of bolt cutters bends, tees and risers can be formed to the exact measurements simply by cutting and bending the basket and using either Faslocks or fixings kits and couplers depending on radius being created and the width of the tray. Cablofil's website and catalogue provides details on how to correctly form these and the fixings required.

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